Dispute Resolution - Residential Tenancies Authority

The RTA provides a free Dispute Resolution Service that can help you and your lessor, agent or provider, resolve a tenancy dispute. The Dispute Resolution Service can help you to reach an agreement about the dispute through a process of conciliation.

Conciliation can include:

  • A telephone negotiation service where a conciliator will contact each party and facilitate an exchange of information or documents.
  • A telephone conference between the parties with a conciliator facilitating the discussion.
  • Providing information about how the Act relates to your dispute.
  • Face to face conciliation conferences between the parties.

If conciliation is successful, you should ask the RTA for a written copy of the outcome. If the dispute is about a bond refund the RTA will ask all parties to fill in a new agreed Refund of Rental Bond form and send it into the RTA who will then release the bond. If the agreement about the bond refund is in “full and final settlement of all claims” confi rm this with the RTA conciliator and the other party and write this on your form.

Bond disputes often arise at the end of a tenancy. Tenancy documents, your Entry and Exit Condition Reports, receipts and photos can provide important evidence if there is a dispute.

Residential Tenancies Authority (RTA)

The RTA is the government authority that oversees renting laws in Queensland. The RTA provides information and services for tenants, lessors, agents, providers and residents. RTA forms are available from Australia Post Offices, online at www.rta.qld.gov.au or Ph: 1300 366 311