Disputes About Locks & Keys

If the premises are not reasonably secure, if locks need repair or if you are not given keys, immediately notify your lessor, agent or provider. If the problem is not fixed, give your lessor, agent or provider a Notice to Remedy Breach that asks them to fix the problem by the due date.

You must allow at least seven days notice. You can use a Dispute Resolution Request form to apply to the RTA for conciliation assistance to resolve the dispute. If the RTA cannot assist you to resolve the dispute they will send you a Notice of Unresolved Dispute. You can then apply to the Tribunal for a non-urgent hearing. At the hearing the Tribunal can make a range of orders including:

  • An order requiring the lessor or provider repair a lock, or supply a lock to the premises.
  • An order authorising a tenant, lessor, resident or provider can change a lock.
  • An order that a key be given, or is not required to be given, to the other party.

In deciding a dispute about locks and whether the premises are reasonably secure, the Tribunal can consider a number of issues including; the risk to your personal safety or risk of theft or damage to your belongings, the likelihood of break-ins or other unlawful entry, the requirements of insurance companies, community standards about adequate security, the physical characteristics of the premises, and anything else the Tribunal considers relevant.