Disputing A Rent Increase

If you think a proposed rent increase is unreasonable, you can dispute it. This does not apply if you rent in public housing where your lessor is the State and your rent is calculated as a percentage of your income.

If you dispute a rent increase, it is useful to discuss the proposed increase with your lessor, agent or provider, or write a letter explaining why you think the increase is excessive. You may want to gather evidence of other rents in the area for similar properties or point out your value as a secure and reliable tenant.

If you are unable to negotiate an agreement about the rent increase, you can apply to the RTA Dispute Resolution Service for help to resolve the dispute. If the RTA cannot assist you and the lessor, agent or provider to reach an agreement, you will be sent a Notice of Unresolved Dispute which entitles you to apply to the Tribunal for a hearing.

If you have a residential tenancy agreement, you can lodge a nonurgent application with the Tribunal for a hearing about an excessive rent increase, or a signifi cant change in a new agreement. Time limits apply so you must act quickly if you wish to apply to the Tribunal for a hearing. These applications do not apply to residents in rooming accommodation.

Residential Tenancies Authority (RTA)

The RTA is the government authority that oversees renting laws in Queensland. The RTA provides information and services for tenants, lessors, agents, providers and residents. RTA forms are available from Australia Post Offi ces, online at www.rta.qld.gov.au or Ph: 1300 366 311