If Premises Are For Sale

In residential premises if the lessor decides to sell the premises during your tenancy they must give you a Notice of Lessor’s Intention to Sell Premises. before or when they give you the fi rst Entry Notice to show the premises to a prospective purchaser. While the place is for sale:

  • You must be given at least 24 hours notice for each entry
  • Entry must be at reasonable times
  • A reasonable time must elapse between entries
  • The lessor or agent must accompany the person who views the premises, unless you agree otherwise
  • If the agent who shows the premises to a prospective purchaser is not your usual agent, you can request evidence of their appointment
  • The lessor must not use a photo or image of the premises for advertising if the photo shows your belongings, unless you give your written consent
  • The lessor must not conduct an open house or hold an auction on the premises unless you give your written consent.

In the first two months of your tenancy agreement, if the premises is advertised for sale or the lessor or agent enters to show it to a prospective purchaser, you can give notice to end the agreement if you were not notified the premises were being sold when you began the agreement.

Your Notice of Intention to Leave must give at least two weeks notice. This notice can only be issued within two months and two weeks from the start of the tenancy agreement. For more information contact a tenant advice service.