Moving Out

When you move out it is important to take all your goods with you and leave the place clean, in a similar condition to the start of the tenancy, reasonable fair wear and tear excepted. You should also promptly return the keys.

When you leave you must get an Exit Condition Report and use it to record details of the condition of the premises when you leave. Complete the form and give a copy to the lessor or agent to fill in. Remember to keep a copy for your own records.

Exit Condition Reports are not required in rooming accommodation but, as in residential tenancies, they can provide useful evidence to show you left the property clean and did not damage the premises.

In residential tenancies, the lessor or agent must complete the Exit Condition Report and return a signed copy to you within 3 days. If possible, arrange to conduct a joint exit inspection with the lessor, agent or provider.

If the final inspection shows that something needs to be done you should be given a reasonable opportunity to carry out the work. if you have a dispute over the refund of your bond when you move out your copy of the Exit Condition Report, along with photos of the premises and receipts for gardening, cleaning or repairs that you have carried out, can provide you with important evidence to show that you have met your obligations.

Use an Exit Condition Report to record the condition of the premises when you move out. Use a Refund of Rental Bond Form 4 to apply to the RTA for a bond refund. Tenancy forms are available online at