If the premises become non-liveable, either party can end the agreement by giving the other party a same day Notice to Leave, Notice of Intention to Leave or Resident Leaving form. This applies if rental premises, or a facility in a moveable dwelling park, is destroyed or made completely or partly unfi t to live in (other than because
of a breach of the agreement), or if the premises can no longer be lawfully used as a residence.

Non-liveability usually results from an “act of nature” such as fl ood or cyclone. It does not apply in circumstances where a lessor or provider has breached the agreement by failing to carry out repairs and maintenance.

A notice ending the agreement for non-liveability can only be issued within 1 month of the event that caused the premises to be nonliveable. If premises become non-liveable but you want to stay, you could talk to the lessor, agent or provider to negotiate a rent decrease.