Notice of Entry

The lessor, agent or provider can only enter your place if they have a reason set out in the law. You must also be given the correct amount of written notice on an Entry Notice form.

The lessor, provider or their agent can only enter without giving you written notice if you agree, or if it is an emergency.The reasons they can enter and the required notice periods are set out in the Act. A summary table is included in this Tenancy Facts.

The proposed entry must be at a reasonable time. A reasonable time may depend on your circumstances. In residential tenancies, the Act states that reasonable times are not before 8.00am  or after 6.00pm, and not on Sundays or public holidays unless otherwise agreed by you.

Can you refuse entry?

If you have been given the required Entry Notice with the correct notice period and the proposed entry time is reasonable, you cannot refuse access.

If the entry notice does not satisfy the requirements of the Act, you can refuse access. If you receive an Entry Notice and dispute the proposed entry, you should immediately contact the lessor, agent or provider to discuss the issue.

If the reason for entry is lawful, but the proposed time is not reasonable, you could talk to the lessor, agent or provider to propose an alternative time for the entry.

Put this proposal, or any agreement you reach about the entry, in writing. If you are not given the correct entry notice, you do not have to allow the person to enter the premises.