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Information statement

In residential tenancies, your lessor or agent must give you a copy of the RTA Information Statement when you sign the agreement or when you are entitled to move in.

The Information Statement is an RTA booklet that provides information about the Act and useful contact details for advice services.

There is a different information statement for general tenancies (Form 17a “Renting a house or unit in Queensland”) and moveable dwelling tenancies (Form 17b “Renting a caravan or moveable dwelling in Queensland”).

If you are not given a copy of this booklet, it is an offence and the lessor or agent could be fined. In rooming accommodation, the Act does not require the provider give you an information booklet about your rights and responsibilities.

However, the RTA does produce a booklet called “Renting rooming accommodation in Queensland” which provides information for residents in rooming accommodation. By-Laws, park rules and house rules Your lessor, agent or provider must give you a copy of any by-laws, park rules or house rules that apply to your agreement.

These rules are part of your agreement. If you are not given a copy, it is an offence under the Act, and the lessor, agent or provider could be fined.

  • By-laws may apply if you rent a townhouse or unit covered under a body corporate. By-laws cover matters such as parking, use of common facilities and pets.
  • Park rules will apply if you rent in a moveable dwelling park. Park rules cover matters like parking, pets, noise, rubbish and use of facilities.
  • House rules may apply if you rent rooming accommodation. House rules can cover guests, noise, pets, smoking, use of alcohol or drugs on the premises, parking and use of shared facilities.