Repairs - Arranging Emergency Repairs

If emergency repairs are required, immediately notify your lessor, agent or nominated repairer. Some tenancy agreements include details for the lessor’s nominated repairer, and will state whether or not this person is your first point of contact for emergency repairs.

If you are unable to contact the lessor or agent, or if the emergency repairs are not done within a reasonable time, you can arrange for a suitably qualified person to carry out the repairs.

You should get more than one quote before arranging for the repairs to be done. You can spend an amount equal to two weeks rent on emergency repairs. You can then request reimbursement from the lessor for the cost of the repairs.

To request reimbursement for emergency repairs, write to the lessor or agent, enclosing a copy of the repair receipt and requesting reimbursement within seven days. The letter can also state that if the lessor does not reimburse you for the cost of the emergency repairs, you may apply directly to the Tribunal for an order. Keep a copy of the letter, the original receipt and copies of all quotes as evidence.