Repeated Unlawful Entry or Breach Of Privacy

Repeated unlawful entry or breach of privacy You can apply directly to the Tribunal for an urgent hearing to terminate the agreement for “repeated breaches” if your lessor, agent or provider breaches the agreement three times in 12 months.

This applies if you have issued a Notice to Remedy Breach on the first two occassions for a similar breach and each breach is rememdied by the due date. If a similar breach occurs for a third time within the 12 month period you can apply to the Tribunal for an urgent termination hearing.

In the Tribunal, you will need evidence that the repeated breaches are serious enough to justify early termination of the agreement. You do not need to issue a third Notice to Remedy Breach form, or issue a Notice of Intention to Leave or Resident Leaving Form, before you apply to the Tribunal.