Resolving Entry Disputes

If the lessor, agent or provider enters without giving you the correct notice, fails to respect your privacy, or fails to ensure the place is reasonably secure, they are in breach of the tenancy agreement.

If you dispute an Entry Notice, or have a dispute about entry, privacy or security issues, you should contact your lessor, agent or provider to notify them about your concerns and negotiate an agreement.

If you reach an agreement put it in writing. If you believe your lessor, agent or provider is in breach of the Act you can give them a Notice to Remedy Breach form that asks them to fix the problem by a due date. You must give them at least seven days notice.

Your notice can request they fix the problem, or provide you with an assurance that the breach will not occur again. If you cannot reach an agreement with the lessor, agent or provider regarding an entry dispute, you can apply directly to the Tribunal for an urgent hearing and a final decision about the matter.

If you are disputing an Entry Notice it is unlikely the Tribunal will be able to hear your case before the proposed entry time. At the hearing the Tribunal can make an order to change the rules of entry in a way it considers appropriate.

If you have a dispute about entry or privacy issues you also have the option to apply to the RTA Dispute Resolution Service for conciliation. The RTA conciliator can assist parties to share information and reach an agreement to resolve the dispute. If you reach an agreement put it in writing.