Routine Repairs

For routine repairs, give the lessor, agent or provider a Notice to Remedy Breach explaining what repairs are needed. If the problem is not fixed by the due date on your notice, you can apply to the RTA Dispute Resolution Service for conciliation to reach an agreement to resolve the dispute.

When negotiating, consider what solution you are seeking, such as:

  • An agreement that the repairs will be done by a set date
  • Compensation for your costs or damage to your goods
  • A rent decrease because amenities or part of the premises cannot be used or the standard of the premises has declined as a result of the repair problem
  • A written mutual termination agreement to release you from the tenancy without fi nancial penalty
  • An agreement to end the tenancy and compensate you for your relocation costs due to the breach by the lessor or provider.

If the RTA cannot assist you to reach an agreement about a repair you can then apply to the Tribunal for an order about the breach.