Seizure Of Goods For Rent

The lessor, agent or provider cannot take or dispose of your possessions as payment for rent or money that you owe. This is a serious offence and could result in a fine.

You can make a complaint to the RTA Investigations Unit about this offence. If your goods are seized, you should contact the lessor, agent or provider to demand the return of your goods. It is advisable to put this request in writing.

You can also apply to the RTA Dispute Resolution Service. If you need help to apply to the RTA or negoatiate with your lessor or provider, contact a tenant advice service for advice and assistance.

If goods are seized after the tenancy is terminated the Act sets out a process the lessor, agent or provider must follow to store or dispose of your goods. You can apply to the Tribunal for an urgent hearing if you are not statisfied with the way your former lessor, agent or provider has dealt with your goods.