Serious Breach In Rooming Accommodation

In rooming accommodation, if you breach the agreement in a serious way you can be asked to leave immediately.

A serious breach means that:

  • You used your room or the common areas for illegal purposes
  • You (or your guest/s) intentionally or recklessly:
    – caused damage to the premises
    – endangered another person in the premises
    – significantly interfered with the reasonable peace, comfort or privacy of another resident.

The provider must give you a written Notice to Leave, stating the reason you are being asked to leave. A Notice to Leave for serious breach can ask you to leave the premises immediately.

Reason for the breach Time you must be given to fix the problem

  • Unpaid rent • General tenancies if your rent is 7 days late: 7 days
  • Long tenancy moveable dwellings if your rent is 7 days late: 5 days
  • Short tenancy moveable dwellings, as soon as your rent is late: no notice period required
  • Rooming accommodation
  • if you have lived there 28 days or more and your rent is 2 days late: 4 days
  • if you have lived there for 27 days or less, as soon as your rent is late: 2 days

Other breach of the agreement

  • General tenancies: 7 days
  • Moveable dwellings long tenancy agreement: 7 days
  • Moveable dwellings short tenancy agreement: No notice required
  • Rooming accommodation: 5 days