Service Charges - Moveable dwellings

If you have an individual meter for a service in a moveable dwelling, you can be charged for that service.

Your lessor must not charge you more than the amount charged by the supply authority. If your rent payments include the cost of service charges such as gas, electricity and water, you are entitled to ask the lessor to give you a written statement showing the amount of rent that is attributed to each particular service or facility.

If a service or facility becomes unavailable due to the lessor’s actions, your rent payment can be reduced from the time the service becomes unavailable.

If you and the lessor don’t agree about a rent reduction, you can apply to the RTA’s free Dispute Resolution Service for help to resolve the dispute.

If the RTA cannot help you to reach an agreement, you can apply to the Tribunal for a decision.

Keep copies of rent receipts, or a record of your rent payments. They provide evidence if you have a dispute.