Significant Changes To New Agreements

If you have an existing residential tenancy agreement and are offered a new agreement for the same premises that includes a significant change from the old agreement (such as an unreasonable rent increase or change in rent payment method), you can dispute the change.

You must first sign the agreement. After signing the new agreement you have 30 days to apply to the Tribunal for a hearing to dispute the significant change.

If you are disputing a rent increase you will need to pay the higher rent until the Tribunal hears your case. Tribunal decisions are binding. If the Tribunal agrees the rent increase is reasonable you will have to pay the higher rent for the remainder of the agreement.

An application to the Tribunal to dispute a signifi cant change in a new agreement is a non-urgent application. Before you can apply to the Tribunal you must apply to the RTA Dispute Resolution Service for conciliation to resolve the dispute.