Starting A Tenancy

At the start of your tenancy, the lessor, agent or provider must:

  • Give you a written tenancy agreement (this is optional for short moveable dwelling agreements).
  • Give you a copy of the RTA information booklet that applies to your tenancy (not required in rooming accommodation).
  • Give you a receipt if you pay a bond and lodge your bond money with the RTA within 10 days.
  • Give you a prepared Entry Condition Report to comment on, sign and return.

You must use this form to record the condition of the premises when you move in. Keep a copy for your records. This form is important evidence if you have a bond dispute at the end of your tenancy.

Entry Condition Reports are not required for short tenancy movable dwelling agreements, or rooming accommodation agreements where no bond is taken.

  • Give you a copy of the park rules, if you are living in a moveable dwelling park.
  • Give you a copy of any by-laws that apply to your tenancy.