Tenancy Databases - Who Can Be Listed?

In Queensland, the use of tenancy databases is regulated by the Act. The Act sets out lawful reasons a tenant can be listed and rules that lessors and agents must follow if they want to list a tenant on a tenancy database.

When listing a tenant on a database, the lessor or agent must:

  • Take reasonable steps to notify you about the proposed listing and the information they intend to record; and
  • Give you a reasonable opportunity to review the proposed listing.

In Queensland, you can be listed on a tenancy database if:

  • The tenancy has ended; and
  • You were named as a tenant on the tenancy agreement (other occupants, visitors or children cannot be listed as they were not on the agreement); and
  • There is a lawful reason for the listing under the Act; and
  • The listing person has taken reasonable steps to notify you about the proposed listing.