Tenancy Databases

Tenancy databases hold information about the tenancy history of tenants. They are used by real estate agents and lessors to decide a tenant’s suitability when assessing tenancy applications.

In Queensland, the Residential Tenancies and Rooming Accommodation Act 2008 (‘the Act’) sets out rules that real estate agents and lessors must follow when listing a tenant and describes the steps a tenant can take to dispute a database listing.

Before you are offered a tenancy, the lessor or agent may check your references, and may check whether your name is listed on a tenancy database, such as TICA.

Application forms often include a consent clause that you must sign to give the lessor or agent permission to check your references on a tenancy database. If you are listed on a tenancy database, your application may not be approved. For more information, see the Tenancy Databases Tenancy Facts.