Tenant Damages

If you or your guests maliciously damage the premises, you may be responsible for the cost of the repairs.

You should report damage to the lessor, agent or provider and reach an agreement about any repairs.

If you do not notify the lessor, agent or provider about damage to the premises and the problem becomes bigger, you could be held responsible for any additional damage.

If you don’t report damage, it may be noticed during a routine inspection. Your lessor, agent or provider can give you a Notice to Remedy Breach requesting that you repair damage you have caused.

If you receive a notice about repairs but do not believe that you or your visitors have caused the damage, you can dispute this notice. In residential tenancies, if you are given a Notice to Remedy Breach to repair damage you have caused and the cost of repairs is more than 1 weeks rent, the lessor or agent can give you an Entry Notice to inspect the premises.

An Entry Notice to ensure that the breach has been remedied can only be issued within 14 days after the remedy period stated on the Notice to Remedy Breach ends.