Terminating The Tenancy

If you have issued a Notice to Remedy Breach, but the breach is not remedied (fixed) by the due date on your notice, you may be able to take action to end the agreement due to the lessor, agent or provider’s “unremedied breach” of the agreement. In rooming accommodation, you can give seven days notice on a Resident Leaving Form that you are leaving due to the provider’s failure to remedy the breach.

This applies to both periodic and fixed term agreements. If you have a periodic residential tenancy agreement, you can issue a Notice of Intention to Leave form and give seven days notice that you are leaving due to the lessor’s “unremedied breach”.

If you have a fixed term residential tenancy agreement and the lessor fails to remedy a breach, you can apply to the Tribunal for an urgent hearing and seek an order to terminate the tenancy. If you have to move out, or if the Tribunal agrees to terminate your tenancy because the lessor or provider breached the agreement, you could also seek compensation for your relocation costs or the expenses arising from the breach.