Warrants of Possession

If the Tribunal makes a termination order it will also issue a Warrant of Possession. A Warrant of Possession authorises the police to remove you from the premises.

The Warrant is sent to the local police, and must come into effect within 3 days of being issued. It is effective for 14 days and can be enforced at any time during this 14 day period (unless the Tribunal orders that the Warrant be effective for a longer period).

If a Warrant is issued the police will contact you and tell you when they will come to the premises to enforce the Warrant.

When enforcing the Warrant, the police will ensure that everyone leaves the premises peacefully. The lessor or their agent will also attend to collect the keys and change the locks.

If a Tribunal issues a Warrant of Possession it is important to remove your goods from the premises before the Warrant is enforced and the locks are changed.