What Is A Tenancy Database?

Tenancy databases hold information about tenants relating to their tenancy history. Tenancy databases are sometimes referred to as ‘blacklists’ or ‘bad tenant databases’.

If your name is listed on a tenancy database, you may find it difficult to rent a property. Real estate agents and lessors may be members of one or more tenancy databases. In Queensland many agents are members of the TICA Default Tenancy Control Pty. Ltd.

As a member of a tenancy database a lessor or agent can list tenants on the database and can check the database to see if prospective tenants have been listed by a previous lessor or agent.

In Queensland the Act includes rules that agents or lessors must follow if they want to list a tenant on a tenancy database. The Act also sets out steps a tenant can take to dispute a database listing that does not meet the requirements of the Act.