Who Is Not Covered By The Act

The Act does not apply to:

  • People who rent holiday premises for holiday purposes.
  • Approved supported accommodation for the fi rst 13 weeks.
  • Hospitals, nursing homes and some refuge accommodation.
  • People covered by the Retirement Villages Act 1999.
  • Owner-occupiers of mobile homes covered by the Manufactured Homes (Residential Parks) Act 2003.
  • Headlease agreements for approved supported accommodation, affordable housing agreements or government employee housing.
  • Accommodation subject to rehabilitation orders by the Drug Court.
  • Rental purchase plans or tenancies for less than 28 days arising from a sale contract.
  • Accommodation provided by Aboriginal Hostels Limited.
  • Rooming accommodation provided under the Aged Care Act, the Mental Health Act, or in a private hospital under the Private Health Facilities Act.
  • Accommodation for school students arranged/provided by the school or the education department.
  • Students in on-campus accommodation provided by a University or non-profi t organisation (though any bond must be lodged with the RTA and is covered by the Act).
  • Lodgers who rent rooms in private accommodation (though any bond is covered by the Act).
  • Boarders who rent a room from a provider who has less than four rooms available for rent (though any bond is covered by the Act).