You Want To Leave - Excessive Hardship

If you experience excessive hardship and are unable to continue in a fixed term residential tenancy or rooming accommodation agreement, you can apply directly to the Tribunal for an urgent hearing to terminate your agreement due to excessive hardship.

Examples of excessive hardship can include serious illness or loss of employment. If you apply to the Tribunal you will need evidence of your circumstances. The Tribunal can make an order to terminate the tenancy from an agreed date.

The lessor or provider may want to claim financial compensation from you for breaking the agreement early. At the hearing, you can ask the Tribunal to make a final decision about the refund of your rental bond and any compensation that you must pay.

The Tribunal may or may not agree to make a fi nal decision about compensation on the day. If you experience hardship but do not want to apply to the Tribunal, you could negotiate with the lessor, agent or provider to end your tenancy by mutual agreement. If you make an agreement, it must be put in writing.