You Want To Leave - Giving Notice

When you rent a place to live in Queensland, if you decide to move out you must follow steps to end the agreement and move out. These steps are described in the Residential Tenancies and Rooming Accommodation Act 2008 (‘the Act’).

Giving notice

In most situations, if you want to end your tenancy agreement you will need to give written notice. In residential tenancies you must use a Notice of Intention to Leave form. In rooming accommodation you must use a Resident Leaving Form.

Your notice must state the date you intend to end the agreement (the handover day) and whether you are ending the agreement with grounds, or without, grounds. If you have grounds for ending the agreement (a reason set out in the Act) your notice should state this. Otherwise, your notice is issued ‘without grounds’.

Notice periods

The amount of notice you must give will depend on the type of agreement you have and your reason for leaving. The required notice periods are summarised in the table in this Tenancy Facts.

To ensure that you give enough notice, start counting from the day you expect the lessor, agent or provider to receive your notice, and include the handover day. If you send your notice by post, allow extra time for postal delivery. This is usually two days, but may be longer if you live in a remote area.

Tribunal applications

The Act also sets out certain circumstances where you can apply directly to the Tribunalfor an order to terminate your agreement.