Your Right To Privacy and Security

Your right to privacy and security The lessor, agent or provider must take reasonable steps to ensure that you have privacy and quiet enjoyment of the premises.

The lessor, agent or provider must also ensure your premises are reasonably secure. They must not interfere with your reasonable peace, comfort or privacy in using the premises.

If the lessor, agent or provider wants to enter your premises they must have a lawful reason and must give you the required amount of notice.

If your lessor, agent or provider fails to respect your privacy, does not ensure adequate security, or does not follow the rules of entry, this is a breach of the agreement. If this happens, you can give them a Notice to Remedy Breach.

Your notice can ask them to comply with the Act. As a tenant or resident, you must not cause a nuisance in your use of the premises, interfere with the reasonable peace, comfort or privacy of your neighbours, or use the premises for illegal purposes.

You are also responsible for the behaviour of your guests and visitors. Your lessor, agent or provider is not responsible for noise caused by your neighbours or local activities.

If the noise is caused by a barking dog or a noisy building site, the local Council may be able to help. The police may be able to help in cases of unreasonable noise from neighbours. If those neighbours also rent from the same lessor, agent or provider, you can approach your lessor, agent or provider about the problem.