South Australia Tenancy Help

If you are renting a home in South Australia or thinking of doing so soon, the information in this guide will help you avoid common renting pitfalls and to have a harmonious (and lawful) relationship with the property owner or agent. The information on the website outlines the tenants rights and responsibilities in relation to the Residential Tenancies Act 1995 and Regulations and the Residential Parks Act 2007.

The Office of Consumer and Business Services provides services to tenants and landlords/agents of residential and retail properties, to residents and owners of residential parks and to proprietors and residents of rooming houses in South Australia. Tenancy Officers can also help to negotiate or conciliate disputes between tenants and landlords..

This guide doesn’t take the place of the Act, nor does it pretend to cover everything; but it will give you a good working knowledge of your rights and responsibilities as a tenant. It is not legal advise.

FAQ Guide for South Australia

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