Refund of Security Bond

Where parties agree

At the end of the tenancy when the tenant and landlord agree how the bond is to be repaid, a refund of security bond form should be completed and signed by both parties. (The signatures must be the same as those on the bond lodgement form). The bond can be paid via electronic funds transfer, or a cheque may be posted or collected from the Tenancies Branch office.

Notice of claim

A bond refund form seeking the bond be paid to the applicant without the other party’s signature can still be lodged with the Tenancies Branch. The other party will be notified of the applicant’s claim and given an opportunity to dispute the claim. If the claim is not disputed the bond will be paid to the applicant.

Disputed bonds

If the claim is disputed it will be referred to the Advice Section for conciliation and if it cannot be conciliated, it may be referred to the Residential Tenancies Tribunal for a determination. If a dispute arises over how the bond should be refunded, either party can contact the Advice Section of the Tenancies Branch on 8204 9544.

Unclaimed money

If a bond has been paid for a property rented in the past and the refund of that bond has not been applied for, that bond may still be held in the Residential Tenancies Fund.

After providing details about the tenancy in question (e.g. the exact address, the other party’s name, the bond amount and proof of identity), OCBA can refund the bond accordingly. If you believe there is unclaimed money belonging to you held in the Fund, please contact OCBA’s Tenancies Branch on 8204 9555.