Change of landlord or tenant

If a new landlord or agent takes over the property:

The previous and new landlords/agents must complete and sign an ‘Agent/ Landlord Transfer’ form and send it to the RTBA within five days of the changeover, and they must give you a copy of this form. If a new tenant moves in under the existing tenancy:

  • You must get your landlord’s written permission to assign the tenancy agreement to someone else.
  • The landlord or agent and the incoming, outgoing and any continuing tenant must complete and sign a ‘Tenant Transfer’ form to change ownership of the bond.                                        
  • They should not pay the bond directly to any other tenant without signing a ‘Tenant Transfer’ form.
  • You must send the form to the RTBA within five days of the new tenant moving in. A fine can be imposed for not sending a transfer form to the RTBA.

If you are living in a rooming house, please refer to Rooming houses:
A Guide for Residents
Copies of this guide are available from Consumer Affairs Victoria.