Looking after the Property

Tenants, landlords and agents have responsibilities during a tenancy.

As a tenant you must:

  • Keep the premises reasonably clean
  • Not cause damage
  • Notify your landlord of any damage as soon as possible
  • Ensure you and your visitors respect your neighbours’ rights to privacy, peace and comfort
  • Ensure the property is not used for any illegal purpose.

Your landlord or agent must:

  • Give you a copy of this guide on or before the day you move in
  • Keep the premises in good repair
  • Ensure any replacement water appliance, fitting or fixture meets energy efficiency standards
  • Give you a key as soon as possible after changing any lock
  • Let you have peace and quiet in the premises
  • Not carry out a general inspection of the premises until after the end of the first three months of continuous occupation, This does not apply if the landlord is selling the property, and wishes to inspect it for valuation purposes
  • Follow the rules about proper notice periods for ending a tenancy (see Table 1and Table 2 for details).