Property not separately metered

If the property is not separately metered, the meter measures the amount of electricity, gas, oil or water used by that property and any number of other properties.

For example, some blocks of flats have meters that measure the whole block’s water usage, rather than the usage of individual flats. If you are not sure if the property is separately metered, contact the relevant utility supply company.

The meter must be installed or approved by the relevant utility company. If the property is not separately metered, your landlord is responsible for the payment of utility charges, unless your landlord is the Office of Housing and it is not practical for them to install separate meters (eg in high rise flats).

In this case, the Office of Housing can charge you a ‘service fee’ for your gas, electricity, water and heating usage. This service fee can include your use of any laundry facilities supplied by the Office of Housing.

Property separately metered

Separately metered properties have meters that measure the amount of any utility service used by that property only. If your property is separately metered, you are responsible for paying the following charges:

  • all charges for the supply or use of electricity, gas or oil (including supply and reconnection fees)
  • all charges for the amount of water used
  • all charges for sewerage disposal
  • all charges for the use of bottled gas (except for the supply or hire of gas bottles)