Utility Connections

Services to your home such as electricity, gas, oil, water and sewerage are called ‘utility’ services. When you move into a rental property, it is your responsibility to have the utility services reconnected in your name. You should give the utility providers 48 hours’ notice so they can arrange for the utility to be turned on and for the meter to be read.

When starting a tenancy, you should:

  • Contact the utility providers of your choice to ensure gas and electricity are connected
  • Arrange for bills to be in your name
  • Leave enough time to arrange any connections prior to moving in.

Telephone connections

Tenants are responsible for all charges related to the supply and use of a telephone at the rented premises.

This includes all service fees, call charges, equipment rental charges and connection fees. It also includes the cost of the initial connection of a telephone line.

Some estate agents will offer a connection service via an external company. You do not have to tick the box on the tenancy application form for this service; if you do, you are only consenting to having the connection company call you.

Note: The landlord is responsible for fitting smoke alarms.

Utility connections

Initial connection fees are charged when a service is connected to a property for the first time. Tenants are not responsible for the initial connection fees for electricity, water, gas or oil services. These are the landlord’s responsibility.

If your landlord tries to pass on these charges to you, you should not pay them.

If you have already paid the connection fees, your landlord must repay the money to you. Contact the Tenants Union for advice.